National  Executive Committee of the Institute is charged with the day to day administration of the Institute, among which are;

  1. Organising meetings
  2. Organising Workshop and Conferences
  3. Mentaining a register of all person elected by Council into the Institute.
  4. Manage the financial affairs of the Institute,
  5. Maintaining good public relation with corporate bodies and members of the body.
  6. Submits to the Council of the Institute periodically the financial statement of the Institute.
  7. Maintain an inventory of all moveable and immoveable assets of the Institute.


S/N              NAME                                             OFFICE

  1. Ahlaji Aminu Bello Sokoto, FHAN               National President/ Chiarman of Council
  2. Dr. Oluboyede, Atolani                               1st V. President   
  3. Barr (Mrs) Archibong, Rosemary  FHAN      2nd V. Persident
  4. Chief Chijioke, O FHAN                               National Secretary   
  5. Mr. Antwi, A. , AHAN                                   Asst. National Sec.
  6. Mr. Etim, H. H   FHAN                                 Trasurer   
  7. Mrs. Adepoju, M.O.FHAN                            Financial Secretary
  8. Ahlaji Sulaiman, E.M, AHAN                       Publicity Secrertary   
  9. Barr. Odiba, J., FHAN                                 PRO
  10. Mr. Oyelami, M. A FHAN.                            Un-Officio Member
  11. Ayo-Bello, C.Y. (Dr) FHAN                           Un-Officio Member         
  12. Chief Adewolu, Doja MFR, FHAN                 Ex-Officio Member
  13. Sir Ivowi, D. O., FHAN                                 Ex-Officio Member
  14. Ahl. Adamu, A. S , FHAN                             Ex-Officio Member
  15. Mr. Fernandez, S. O, FHAN                        Ex-Officio Member
  16. Chief Osunwa, J.T.O, FHAN                        Ex-Officio Member