The Institute of Health Service Administrators of Nigeria (IHSAN) was officially launched on 25th November, 1977 by the Federal Commissioner for Health at the University College Hospital, Ibadan and incorporated on 7th November 1984 under Part C of the Company and Allied Matters ct with a declared mission of:

"Promoting the professional education and training of administrators and managers of health service, upholding and improving standards of planning and management of health services and co-operating with other professional bodies in the health field to improve the quality f heath care in Nigeria"



Research has shown that large number of Health Service Managers have picked their managerial skills haphazardly and many have no formal training in Health Service Management, and there is no organization or body presently coordinating or regulating the practice of the profession. Many practitioners presently operate with certificates issued by foreign Regulatory Bodies. The gap created by non existence of a Regulatory Bodies in Nigeria is presently closed by the Institute of Health Service Administrators of Nigeria while awaiting an enabling law.

The practice of Health Service Management is regulated in many countries such as UK, USA, France, Canada, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Japan, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, etc. Through an enabling law which the Nigeria counter part is in dire need.



  • All Health Service Administrators in Tertiary Health Institutions.
  • Hospital Administrators/ Hospital Secretaries and Heads of Department in Hospital Management Board/ Commission.
  • Heads of Department in Local Government Health Departments.
  • Supervisors for Health in Local Government Areas.
  • Administrative/ Planning Officers in the Federal/ State Ministries of Health.
  • Lecturers in Health Departments in Tertiary Institutions and School of Health Technology.